July 29, 2015

Brunch at N7

A couple of weekends ago my cousins and I drove over to N7 Creamery for brunch. If you've been around me lately then you've probably heard me rave about their weekend brunch menu (I talk about it ALL the time!). Anyways, one of my cousins ordered these amazing crepe muffins that I've never seen before! They were filled with eggs and bacon and looked delicious! I don't have a good picture of the dish because let's face it, by the time our food came I had different priorities (foooood). But that's okay, because I have no doubt that I'll be back at N7 Creamery in the very near future haha.

Check out photos from my very first trip to N7 Creamery here!

July 25, 2015

LA Flower Market

I've wanted to visit the LA Flower Market for the longest time, but I always find a reason not to go (too far away, too early, etc). Well I finally made it there last Saturday and I'm so happy that I went! I ended up buying some amazing roses for only $3!! And this is totally random, but I've always wanted to have a reason to carry around a giant bouquet of flowers wrapped in newspaper. So you can imagine my excitement when I was finally able to do that! I should also mention that when you walk around DTLA with a bouquet of flowers, strangers will randomly come up to you and say, "Are those for me!? I've always wanted flowers hahaha!" True story, guys. PS Expect a new Flower Studies post in the near future!

July 21, 2015

Verve Coffee Roasters

Did anybody else in Los Angeles get blindsided by the crazy rainstorm on Saturday!? I woke up early that morning to catch the train into the city and didn't even think to check the weather forecast! It's a good thing that I was only a block away from Verve Coffee Roasters when the downpour started. The amazing plant walls at their DTLA location have been all over Instagram and I've been dying to see them for myself! I have to say, drinking a delicious cup of hot chocolate while watching the rain fall was not a bad way to start the day.

June 28, 2015

Mendocino Pt. 2

Hello, friends! As you can tell from the title above, these photos are from my trip last month to Mendocino. The street in that last photo is the town's Main Street. I loved it so much because one side was lined with cute little stores, while the other side was all headlands/ocean views. I've traveled to a lot of places before but I've never been to a town quite like this. And in case you missed it, check out part one of my photos from Mendocino. 
Hope you all have a lovely rest of the weekend!

June 22, 2015

Sun Diego

Just looking at these photos makes me wish that I was back at the beach! On Saturday I drove down to San Diego with my family to hang out at Mission Beach for the day. It was so relaxing to just sit around doing absolutely nothing. My cousin and I did swim around in the ocean for awhile. That's also when I lost my sunglasses to the waves (yes, I was told not to wear them but I'm stubborn and didn't listen lol). Other than that I had the perfect beach day with my cousins!

Below is a short video that I put together for this post. Enjoy!

June 18, 2015

Disney Diamond Days

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. ~ Walt Disney