April 13, 2015

The Rose Bowl Flea Market

My cousin and I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market for the very first time yesterday! We saw all sorts of shabby chic furniture, antique collectibles, and unique vintage clothing. I even managed to haggle down the price on a set of photo slides from the 1950's (2 for $3!). While I do admit that the venue was pretty huge, I don't think it was necessarily worth the $8 admission fee. I guess I'm more used to going to flea markets that cost $3 or less. Those admission fees add up haha! Regardless of the price, I'm so glad that we finally got to see and experience the Rose Bowl Flea Market in person!

Here are a few things that I learned from my first trip to the Rose Bowl Flea Market:

+ Parking - When we got to Pasadena (around 9:20am) the line to get into the free parking area was already backed up! I noticed several cars parking on the other side of Seco St. so I decided to do the same! It was totally the right decision because the Rose Bowl was only a short walk away and we didn't have to wait in any lines to get in and out the crowded parking area!

+ Haggling - I read a number of blogs that said that you should always try to haggle and they were right! When I tried to purchase the photo slides, the vendor wanted me to pay $5 while I only wanted to pay $1. We ended up meeting in the middle at $3 which was fine with me!

+ Lunch - If you're extremely frugal like me, then the best thing you can purchase for lunch is a yummy $2 hot dog. There are hot dog stands scattered throughout the flea market. Everything else is about $8-$10 which was just a little too much for me (especially on top of the $8 admission haha). Also, you should definitely eat lunch inside of the stadium. One of the highlights of our trip was sitting in the stands with a view of the entire football field. When will you ever be able to say that you ate lunch inside of the Rose Bowl while it was empty? 

April 7, 2015

Walk With Me

These are more photos from my visit to Cabrillo National Monument a couple of weeks ago (see the first round of photos here). There are so many places to explore (hiking trails, tide pools, the lighthouse, etc.) that you could easily spend an entire day wandering around! Let's just say that when I was there, I definitely got my exercise for the day haha! 

Things have been pretty busy lately, but I'm hoping to fit in at least one mini-travel adventure sometime this month. I already have another NorCal trip planned for May! We'll see how the rest of April plays out...

PS I made a short video! Check it out below:

March 19, 2015

Pier 39

To be perfectly honest, I wasn't that excited to visit Pier 39 on my second day in San Francisco. I generally try to stay away from tourist traps, but the pier was much more enjoyable (i.e. less crowded) than I thought it would be! It really helped that I went on a weekday morning haha. I strolled along the pier, explored a few of the souvenir shops, ate a delicious (but overpriced) pasta lunch, and even saw a few sea lions! It's a good place to bring any first-time visitors to SF, but I'd strongly suggest going during non-peak hours.

+ Visitor tip: Use this coupon to get a free Pier 39 Fun Pack at the California Welcome Center. It comes with all sorts of coupons, including free 2-hour parking. Most of the restaurants on the pier will only give you one hour of free parking, so this is a great deal!

March 15, 2015

Fortunes and Luck

Have you ever purchased a Japanese fortune before? Because I did, last week at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco. I thought that it would be as simple as choosing a piece of paper (there was a little tree with papers tied to it outside of the gift shop), but boy was I wrong.

After receiving my payment of $2 (not a bad price), the woman behind the cash register pulled out a container filled with sticks. She started shaking it and told me to focus all of my energy towards it. Then I had to choose a stick. Each one had a number that corresponded to a certain fortune. The woman handed me a folded piece of paper and told me that I had to read it before leaving the garden. If I didn't like it (apparently some of them can be bad), all I had to do was tie it to the tree that I saw outside. You essentially have the choice of accepting your fortune or leaving it behind, which I thought was pretty cool! I ended up keeping mine. Here's what part of it said:

General Luck | Excellent - A new kind of opportunity or idea grows within you. It's best to discuss these ideas with your friends and through these interactions your idea will continue to grow and you'll have a better grasp of what you want to do with it.

Here's a short video clip from my visit: