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Walking through Carthage

by Orchid Singson

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Take Me to Hogwarts

November 23, 2016
I got to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios for the first time last weekend! Who would've known that, after spending so much time reading the Harry Potter series, one day I'd get to buy a chocolate frog at Honeydukes, window shop for wands at Ollivanders, and walk through the halls of Hogwarts? I still haven't tried a Butterbeer and I'm dying to buy some house robes (Hufflepuffs represent!). Luckily, I was able to purchase an annual pass, so I'll be making another journey to Hogwarts soon!

Mr. Baker

October 24, 2016

10730 Foothill Blvd. Suite #160
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Saturdays at Grand Central Market

October 9, 2016

One of my favorite parts about Grand Central Market is all of the neon signage!

I spent my Saturday afternoon in downtown LA sampling a bunch of delicious food at Grand Central Market. My first stop was at Valerie Confections, where I tried a very yummy bacon and potato hand pie. Once I devoured my lunch, I started walking around and noticed that everyone was holding ice cream cones. After doing some investigating I finally found the source: McConnell's Fine Ice Creams. I highly recommend their burnt caramel apple flavor and coffee chocolate chip flavor! My foodie tour ended at Eggslut where I ordered my usual - their egg, bacon, and cheese sandwich. Now I have to admit, my eyes ended up being bigger than my stomach haha! But that's okay, because the food at Grand Central Market is worth it!

Here are a few blog posts from my past visits to Grand Central Market: