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Reno Diaries

April 24, 2018
A couple of weekends ago I flew up to Reno to visit one of my best friends for her birthday. On my first day there we basically went on a mini road trip through all of the surrounding towns. I was in shock at how 'Little-House-on-the-Prairie' everything seemed (not sure if that's the right reference, but I'm going with it). I can't wait to visit again and explore more unknown hiking trails, drive through more haunted towns (that's another story), and of course, eat my way through ALL of the buffets ha!

Food & Wine Festival 2018

April 9, 2018
It's my favorite time of the year! The Food & Wine Festival has been back at Disney California Adventure for the past month and I was lucky enough to visit on Easter weekend (thank you, Aimee!). Now normally I'm all about the food, but on this particular trip I'd have to say that my favorite highlight was seeing Black Panther's entrance into the park (Wakanda Forever!). The Dora Milaje came out first and their overall demeanor was just so fierce and amazing. One of them stared right at me while I was taking photos and I kind of freaked out haha.

PS If you're interested in going to the Food & Wine Festival, it's running until April 12th which is this Thursday, so hurry and go!

Both So Bittersweet

March 31, 2018
Last weekend when I was in Claremont, I decided to just wander around with my camera and shoot anything that caught my eye. I stumbled upon a highly photogenic nursery and instantly fell in love with all of their succulents. It's a good thing that I don't have that much luck with keeping plants alive, or else I would've spent all of my money at Norens Nursery that day!

And here's just a peek into Vintage Odyssey, which is right next door and full of all sorts of vintage goodies. I even spotted some old Kodak accessories that I had to keep myself from buying this time around! Sigh.

201 W. Bonita Ave.
Claremont, CA 91711

Grizzby's Biscuits & Donuts

March 25, 2018
I spent my morning over in Claremont Village and decided to drop by Grizzby's Biscuits & Donuts for breakfast. It's obvious that they have a mouthwatering selection of donuts to choose from, but today I wanted to try one of their famous biscuits. I ended up ordering the Harper biscuit sandwich (cheddar, over easy egg, roasted onions, garlic aioli) and it did not disappoint! I was so focused on eating my sandwich that I ended up making a mess without realizing it (napkins were needed haha). I definitely plan on going back to try more of their delicious biscuit menu!

353 W Bonita Ave.
Claremont, CA 91711


March 18, 2018
My friends and I have been going to Bruxie for YEARS, so I'm not really sure why I waited until now to make a blog post about their delicious waffle sandwiches. My go-to order is usually the bacon, egg, and cheddar breakfast sandwich, but you can't really go wrong with any of their menu items (try the frozen custard if you have a chance!).

292 N. Glassell St.
Orange, CA 92866