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Thought of You

November 13, 2011
A barrage of random thoughts:

1. Thought of You by Ryan Woodward - I discovered this video a few days ago. The animation is simply beautiful!

2. "Why Does Graduating From College Suck So Hard?" by Ryan O'Connell (via Thought Catalog) - Are there any other post-grads out there that feel the same way?

3. Music of the week: 1) A Thousand Years by Christina Perri 2) Disaster by JoJo (I'm so glad that she's back!)

4. Portraits by Steve McCurry - If anybody wants to get me this book for Christmas (or any of his books, for that matter), I would love you forever. He's one of my favorite photographers and his work is a major source of inspiration for me. 

And by the way, these photos were all shot on film with my Diana Mini. Oh how I love film.  :)
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Alice said...

I love the second shot!! What a charming composition.

Jacqueline said...

the first two shots are just so americana. i love them.