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Farmers Market

July 29, 2012

Flower Studies: Wilted Roses

July 26, 2012

The Return to Crystal Cove: Part II

July 23, 2012

The Return to Crystal Cove: Part I

July 20, 2012

One day I will live by the beach. Mark my words.                  

Casey's Cupcakes

July 17, 2012

Flower Studies: Lavender

July 12, 2012



July 9, 2012
Swimming, grilling, and eating lots of steak by day.                 
Blowing up fireworks and spelling out random four-letter words by night.                 
It was a good fourth of July with my cousins.                 

S'more Please

July 5, 2012

S'mores Croissants                   
Pillsbury crescent rolls
Mini chocolate chips
Mini marshmallows

Summer by the Lake

July 2, 2012