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by Orchid Singson

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Color in the Historic District

September 23, 2012

Day Three at the Fair

September 20, 2012

I went back to the fair again last weekend! To overcome the crazy heat I bought my favorite drink: the pina colada banana smoothie from the Maui Wowi stand (bottom photo). Other highlights included walking through California's Heritage Square (1st and 2nd photo), checking out the patents and trademarks of Steve Jobs at the Genius exhibit (4th photo), and of course, the food! I still have two more trips to the fair planned this month, so expect to see more photos soon! Man, do I love September!

Rising 'til the Sunset

September 16, 2012


View from the Top

September 13, 2012

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Nothing beats the experience of watching a sunset at the beach. Nothing.

All It Takes is One Step

September 10, 2012

Day Two at the Fair

September 7, 2012


One of the reasons that I love the L.A. County Fair so much is that there are so many things to see! From exotic birds over at Mojo's African Safari to this year's new Genius exhibit, there's always something new to experience with every visit. And don't get me started on the food! Did you know that Chicken Charlie is serving up deep-fried cookie dough this year!? I haven't tried it yet, but that'll be changing very soon!