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Dolce Bistro & Bakery

February 27, 2014

This weekend I introduced my family to the wonderful world of croughnuts. I picked up a few goodies from Dolce Bistro and Bakery to share with everyone (although, I easily could've eaten everything by myself haha).

In other news, I'm two days away from vacation. I seriously cannot wait to go travel, take photos, and eat all sorts of yummy food. Let the countdown begin.

Cupcake Station

February 20, 2014

Imagine my surprise last Friday when I came home to find a box of Cupcake Station cupcakes just patiently waiting for me in my mailbox! My amazing, amazing friend Mara sent them all the way from Michigan! She had told me about these cupcakes ages ago and I was so excited to have the chance to try them!

I don't even know how to begin to explain how delicious these cupcakes were. Each one was topped with a creamy butercream frosting and then dipped in chocolate! DIPPED. IN. CHOCOLATE. Sigh. I'm missing them already.

Mara, thank you again for sending these over! It was seriously the best surprise ever! And you were totally right. The cupcakes tasted amazing! :)

Calligraphy Class // Heritage Mercantile Co.

February 15, 2014
Today I had the pleasure of attending a beginner's calligraphy workshop taught by the amazing Jenna 
Rainey of Mon Voir. The class was held at Heritage Mercantile Co. over in Costa Mesa, CA. The store was gracious enough to provide everyone with a wonderful spread of yummy snacks and drinks (mimosas, anyone?). Plus, Heritage Mercantile Co. is stocked with some pretty cool items! I've been eyeing their pillows and throws for awhile now. 

The workshop itself was really informative and just so much fun! Check out Jenna's beautiful calligraphy skills in that last photo. I'm definitely still a beginner, but hopefully I'll be able to write as elegantly as she does someday. In the meantime, if anyone wants their name written down in pretty calligraphy, hit me up! I need the practice (haha).

Croughnut Heaven

February 11, 2014

Going Coastal

February 8, 2014