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by Orchid Singson

Paris Adventures: Day One

September 17, 2014

I was exhausted when I finally arrived in Paris yesterday morning but I couldn't just sit and relax in my apartment on my first day! After doing some grocery shopping (which was a whole other adventure - more on that later), I decided to wander around the 18th arrondissement and check out the neighborhood. I love the fact that the Sacre-Coeur Basilica is just a 5-minute walk away! Plus, the surrounding areas are filled with cobblestone streets and Parisian architecture!

Here's a few other random stories from yesterday:

+ I'm extremely proud of myself for figuring out how to take the RER B train from the airport to Gare du Nord (the North Station). I don't know any French except for what I learned through Google Translate (haha), so navigating the transportation system is a major accomplishment in my mind.

+ I took a taxi from Gare du Nord to a nearby cafe, where I needed to pick up my apartment keys. The cafe was literally one block away from my apartment and yet I still got lost. Lucky for me, a very kind woman named Sylvie helped me out after I asked for directions (in French!). So thank goodness for kind strangers!

+ Grocery shopping is an adventure when all of the labels are in a language that you can't read and all of the prices are in Euros haha. And I haven't visited the local bakery yet, but I saw several people carrying baguettes on the street yesterday. Guess what I'll be buying soon!

I'm heading over to the Trocadero Gardens across from the Eiffel Tower later today, so I should have more photos soon!
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Anonymous said...

Whoooa, you're in Paris?? How awesome is that?! I love seeing pictures of streets and people and things (rather than just the famous Parisian scenes) - makes me feel like I'm getting a glimpse into every day life :)