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by Orchid Singson

The 18th Arrondissement

September 20, 2014

I've only been here for five days, but I already love my neighborhood! On one hand, I totally feel like a local since I live away from the center of the city where most of the main tourist sites are located. On the other hand, the Sacré-Cœur Basilica is just a five-minute walk away, so if I ever want to join in with the tourists, all I have to do is head up the street!

A few other thoughts:

+ My windows face three other buildings that form a sort of enclosed courtyard. Somebody in one of the other buildings plays classical piano! Whenever he or she practices, I like to just sit back at my desk and enjoy the music. At one point earlier today, this mysterious pianist started playing theme music from Harry Potter haha!

+ A couple of days agoI discovered that there's an Asian restaurant just a few doors down from my apartment. It's currently my only source of rice (grocery shopping has been rather difficult for me). I think that the owner is starting to recognize me whenever I come in. He can't speak any English but he always bears with me when I attempt to make an order in French (ordering usually involves a lot of hand gestures haha).

+ As I'm writing this it is POURING rain outside. I'm so glad that I decided to take a day off from exploring the city! It's just movies and pajamas for me today! :)
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Anonymous said...

The stone streets and buildings in varying shades of beige and white look so picturesque and classy! I hope you've been eating your weight in chocolate and cheese :)