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LA: Grand Central Market

December 27, 2015

317 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90013

I'm a Renegade

December 19, 2015
Last weekend I took the train out to Los Angeles to check out the Renegade Craft Fair! I've been dying to go ever since I missed out on their summer dates back in July. There were so many amazing vendors in attendance! I was particularly excited to see Oh, Hello Friend's booth (I've missed shopping at their Fullerton store!). But my newest obsession has to be Concrete Geometric and their complete collection of concrete plant vessels (I bought a mini one!). Someday I hope to have an entire patio filled with their products.

And have I mentioned the food trucks? I purchased a plate of braised pulled pork over chimichurri fries from Piaggio on Wheels (see my photo below), and I'm still dreaming about it a week later! I also found Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams and am now a new fan of their darkest chocolate flavor. We all know I wouldn't miss out on dessert haha. Anyways, check out more photos below!

The Broad

December 14, 2015

221 S. Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Apples and Festivals

December 4, 2015
I can't really sit here and write about an apple butter festival after everything that's happened here in the Inland Empire this week. So my message for you tonight is this: be kind, tell your people you love them, and really go after the things you want in life because much too often, this life can be too short. Stay safe. 
That is all. 


November 29, 2015

REI launched an amazing campaign this holiday season called #OptOutside. It basically encouraged people to head outdoors on Black Friday, rather than spend the day shopping. I think that a lot of people would agree that Thanksgiving has become way too commercialized, and as a former retail worker, I truly appreciated the idea of stores remaining closed so that employees could actually spend the holidays with their families. I sincerely hope that more companies adopt this model next year.

So on Friday, I decided to head up to Oak Glen to check out their annual apple butter festival (more on that later this week). These photos were shot at the Oak Glen Preserve which is right next to the Riley's at Los Rios Rancho apple farm. The Wildlands Conservancy maintains a number of easy walking trails that allow you to explore all of the plant life within the preserve. 

I really wanted to keep walking past the lake, but by the time I reached it, I was freezing my hands off! You can't tell in the photos, but there was a light snow falling the entire time I was there! Brr! Despite the low temperatures, it was definitely worth it to spend the day after Thanksgiving outside in fresh air. I'm hoping to make #OptOutside a yearly tradition.

Vintage Finds at Bravo Farms

November 25, 2015

Whenever I drive up the I-5 to San Francisco, I always pass by Bravo Farms in Kettleman City. I had no idea that this western-themed restaurant/gift shop had an entire second floor dedicated to vintage antiques! As an avid prop collector (and ridiculously huge fan of the TV show American Pickers), this place was pretty much my dream come true! If I had the money, I totally would've left with a trunk full of items! I can't wait for my next trip up to San Francisco, just so that I can explore all of the vintage treasures at Bravo Farms again.

Things I've been listening to lately:

Quiet | TED Radio Hour - This episode discusses ways to "find the quiet in our busy lives." There's a particularly interesting section about how society views introverts compared to extroverts. My favorite quote from this one: "Making a living is not the same as making a life."

Delirium | Ellie Goulding - Ellie Goulding's third album was released earlier this month and it's amazing!! Right now I can't get "Something In The Way You Move" out of my head. I'm crossing fingers that I'll be able to see her perform live at the Staples Center next April.