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by Orchid Singson

A Covington Diary

September 20, 2015
It's been about two weeks since I was in Georgia, but I still have plenty of photos to share! On my first day there, my friend took me to one of my favorite little towns: Covington. At the last minute, we decided to head over to Bradley's Bar-B-Que for a delicious (and super cheap!) barbecue dinner. 

Next, we strolled around the town square while I took a few photos of buildings that I recognized from the Vampire Diaries. When I visited last year, we actually went on a guided tour around a few of the show's locations, so it was exciting to see it all again. Plus the whole area is just so pretty (and so unlike where I live in California).

And of course, we saved the best for last: dessert! An ice cream shop called Scoops is located right on the town square, so we stopped inside and sampled a few of their yummy flavors. I ended up going with their banana pudding ice cream (which I highly recommend!). Of course as we were enjoying our ice cream, a huge thunderstorm rolled in and we had to take cover underneath one of the buildings. Luckily, it only lasted for a few minutes (and I got to experience some true Georgian weather lol).
I'll be posting one last round of photos later this week!
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