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A Ferry Ride!

February 26, 2016

The Space Needle

February 23, 2016
So this probably isn't breaking news to anyone, but the views from the Space Needle are amazing! You really can't beat the panoramas from that height. But I should warn you, it's also ridiculously windy at the top. I pretty much looked like a snowman with all of the layers that I was wearing, but I could still feel a chill from the wind! Brrr. But the Space Needle is popular among tourists for a reason, and it's definitely worth a visit for any first-time travelers to Seattle.

PS Did you know that there's a monorail just 4 blocks away from Pike Place Market that takes you directly to the Space Needle? It only costs $2.25 each way!

Seattle: Pike Place Market Pt. I

February 20, 2016

I spent last weekend visiting the lovely city of Seattle for the first time! Lucky for me, the weather was beautiful on the day that I arrived (it rained for the next two days haha). My very first stop was Pike Place Market! If you've never been there, Pike Place is kind of like a huge farmer's market right off of the waterfront. It's comprised of a few blocks of indoor/outdoor stands and retail spaces owned by the local farmers, craftspeople, and businesses of the community. It's a pretty fun place to walk around, especially since there's so much to see!

Now we all know that I really went to Pike Place Market for the food lol. For lunch, I ended up trying the famous mac and cheese at Beecher's Handmade Cheese (the cheese sauce was on the thinner/watery side, but it was still surprisingly flavorful). I also made sure to grab a yummy chocolate/hazelnut cream roll from Piroshky Piroshky. The very first Starbucks storefront was located right next door, but the line was incredibly long so I decided to skip it (I don't drink coffee anyways).

Because I didn't stay at Pike Place Market for too long, I decided to head back for a second visit on my last day in town. Expect those photos to show up here soon!