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The Bloedel Reserve

April 30, 2016

It's been almost three months since my visit to Seattle, and I still keep finding photos that I want to share!

On my second day in Seattle, I rode the ferry over to Bainbridge Island to visit the Bloedel Reserve. Even though it was raining, I had so much fun wandering through all of the different gardens. As you can tell by my photos, the reserve contains all sorts of beautiful ponds, bridges, and nature trails to explore. It's the perfect place to spend an afternoon away from the city!

So here's a random side story: On the bus ride back to the ferry, I ran into a lovely couple that I had met earlier in the day. They told me that they once toured the entire Washington peninsula by using public transportation as their only means of travel. With their senior discount, the total cost came out to only $6! Can you believe that!? I hope to be just like them when I'm retired!

Fresh Bread!

April 18, 2016

If you've ever visited 85°C Bakery Cafe before, then you know of the famous "fresh bread!" announcement that comes from the employees every time they bring out a new tray of baked goods. The display cases empty out pretty quickly on weekends, so I usually hear the "fresh bread!" yell every few minutes.

I actually didn't know about 85°Bakery Cafe (or any Asian bakery, for that matter) until a few years ago, when a friend took me to one for the first time. When you walk in, the first thing that you're expected to do is grab a tray and a pair of tongs. From there, you can walk around and pick out as many pastries as you'd like. I always, ALWAYS grab a few of their chocobuns (yum!). All of the pastries are placed into individual bags at the cash register and then you're good to go!

These are a few of my favorite items from 85°C Bakery Cafe:

Bring on the Blooms

April 5, 2016

 5704 Paseo Del Norte 
Carlsbad, CA 92008
*Open until May 8th

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