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by Orchid Singson

626 Night Market | July 2016

July 3, 2016
So on Friday night, my friend and I ventured out to Arcadia to attend the 626 Night Market. If you've never been before, the Night Market is packed with all sorts of unique foods, merchandise stands, art, games, and free entertainment! It should come as no surprise that I usually go there to eat haha. This year I saw a ton of really cool food items (I'm talking about rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches, bear-shaped rice, churro ice cream sundaes, sea urchin bowls, lemonade served in lightbulb-shaped glasses, and so much more!).

The lines can get pretty long (as you can see in my photos), but I still think that it's worth it for all of the yummy food. Tonight's the last night for the month of July, but the 626 Night Market will be back again in August and September!

{If you're interested in seeing photos from last year's 626 Night Market, click here!}

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