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by Orchid Singson

Niagara Falls by Boat

June 25, 2018
Niagara Falls is actually made up of three waterfalls along the international border between the United States and Canada: Bridal Veil Falls (on the U.S. side), the American Falls (also on the U.S. side), and Horseshoe Falls (on the Canadian side - this is the largest of the three and what most people think of when picturing Niagara Falls). On my second day in Canada, I jumped onto a boat to see all three of these waterfalls up close!

So confession time: I actually went on two boat tours in the same day. Let me tell you, for the best experience, go around dusk! The morning crowds on my initial ride made it difficult to take photos. Plus it was hard to enjoy the waterfalls while being surrounded by so many (loud) people. I took a second trip just before dusk and everything was so much better! There was actually room to roam around the boat and take in all of the different views without competing for space. And since I had more room, I had a much easier time shooting photos!

PS If you get on the boat thinking that you're not going to get wet, you're on the wrong ride haha. I don't have any super close-up waterfall pictures because once the boat enters the basin of Horseshoe Falls, you're hit with non-stop wind and spray for the duration of the time that you're in there. It's actually one of the coolest parts of the tour, in my opinion.

Note: I took the boat tour of Niagara Falls through Hornblower, which operates out of Ontario, Canada. Maid of the Mist is the company that runs the tours out of New York.
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